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Simple Montessori Activities to Do at Home

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 Simple Montessori Activities to Do at Home


 Children from infancy to age six can benefit from a rich and supportive environment at home that promotes their development in all domains when Montessori principles are used. The following age-appropriate Montessori-inspired activities are listed:


 From birth to one year old: 


Montessori Mobiles: Give neonates rudimentary black-and-white mobiles to promote visual tracking as well as development.

 Make sensory baskets with safe items of varying sizes, shapes, and textures so that babies may use their mouths and hands to investigate.


Floor Mirror: During belly time, place a child-safe reflector on the floor so that babies may investigate reflections and grow in self-awareness. It's among the greatest Montessori ideas we can teach our kids at home. 


 Soft Movement: To foster physical growth and a stronger link between you and your baby, use soft movements like rocking, swaying, and massaging.


 Narration: To encourage language development, talk to your kid all day long about your activities, the surroundings, and common things.


 1 to 3 Years:


Activities in Real Life To help toddlers become more independent, coordinated, and focused, include them in simple chores like pouring, spooning, sweeping, as well as folding clothes. 


 Montessori Toys: Provide open-ended toys that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills, including wooden blocks, stackable rings, shape sorters, & puzzles.


Nature exploration: Go on walks in the outdoors with your friends to study flora, fauna, and natural occurrences. Gathernatural objects like leaves, sticks, and pebbles for crafts that are inspired by the natural world and your sensory discovery. 


 Art exploration: Give toddlers access to kid-safe art supplies like playdough, crayons, and paints so they may explore and create at will. This will help them develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and sense of self.

 Language Development: To enhance vocabulary growth, language learning, and communication abilities, read books aloud, sing songs, and have discussions.


Ages 3 to 6:


Arithmetic Exploration: Use practical exercises like sorting, counting, creating patterns, and utilizing manipulative objects to explore shapes and sizes to introduce fundamental arithmetic concepts. 

 Scientific Experiments: Carry out basic scientific experiments as well as nature studies to help kids develop their critical thinking and curiosity. Let them investigate ideas like color mixing, sinking and floating, and plant development. 

 Outdoor Play: Give kids the chance to play and explore outside by letting them undertake physical activities like climbing, running, leaping, and gardening. This will help them develop their gross motor skills and foster a sense of connection with the natural world.

Cultural Activities: Through literature, music, art, as well as food, expose kids to a variety of cultures, customs, and international holidays, promoting an awareness of diversity and worldwide citizenship. 

 Practical Life Skills: To help kids further develop their independence, and responsibility, as well as life skills, keep them involved in practical life activities like gardening, cooking, and environmental maintenance. 





Depending on the child's interests, skills, and developmental stage, these activities may be changed and adjusted to provide a nurturing, home-based learning environment that is inspired by Montessori education and supports the complete child. At Team Educational Institute, we recognize the paramount importance of offering top-notch training for Montessori teachers. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to encompass every aspect, from grasping the principles of child development to adeptly applying Montessori tools and techniques. We are committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience that equips our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles as Montessori educators.


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